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7 Mindful-Living Habits

  1. Greater Awareness
  2. The Power of Purpose
  3. Inspired Leadership
  4. Culture & Community
  5. Creativity & Innovation
  6. Change & Transition
  7. Core Communication Skills

The core principles of the 7 Mindful-Living Habits were created by Craig Marshall, The Monk & Rick Ladendorf, The Mastermind, from Prevo Health Solutions.  

Craig Marshall, a respected yoga monk for 35 years, has lectured, coached and mentored tens of thousands of people on mindfulness and meditation. Craig became a mentor to many well-known people, including Steve Jobs, George Harrison, and fashion icon Fred Segal.

Rick Ladendorf, founder of Prevo Health Solutions, Executive Producer of the America's Healthiest Clubs and Publisher of the PASSION digital publication, has visited more than 400 private clubs, interviewed 10,000 plus department heads and is a respected authority in health, wellness and mindfulness.

The 7 Mindful-Living Habits are the foundation of the "Mindful U", a Prevo program that educates, inspires and helps people get to the core of what really matters in their life, at work and at home.

The Mindful "U" is where conscious professionals earn their certification as Mindful Professionals and Mindful Leaders. There are over 150 Modules and Practices that support the 7 Mindful-Living Habits curriculum, educational workshops, our Monk in a Box Mobile App and the Mindful Professional Certification Program. 

For businesses, we offer solutions Mindfulness@work, a 13-Week Program designed to enhance creativity, collaboration, communications and the employee culture.  

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