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Products & Services for Clubs

Turnkey Wellness Program

Saving time and money without adding staff

A well-designed wellness program will change the health behaviors of members, employees, spouses, and dependents, lowers health risks, reduces chronic disease, reduces costs and helps private clubs create a culture of health.

If your human resources department has the time, resources and expertise to design, build and execute a wellness strategy we encourage you to include elements from each of the following engagement drivers:

  • Online Health Management Portal & Dashboard
  • Integrated Health Risk Assessment
  • Prescriptive and Personalized daily to-do lists
  • Meal Plans and Food logging
  • Integrated food and fitness apps
  • Fitness programs for all levels
  • Incentive and Reward Management
  • Ready to use programs and challenges
  • Health Coaching interface
  • Management Reports and Aggregate Health Risk Data

If you don't have the time, resources or expertise to design, build and execute a wellness strategy, we want to help you implement programs to help you lower your health care costs, improve productivity and help to improve morale.

Download the Turnkey Wellness Program brochure or for more information or a demonstration, call 888-321-1804 or click here.