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Wellness & Prevention Strategy

If you are like most private clubs, you are fully-insured and pay a significant portion of the employee and spouse insurance.  You may love your broker but still shop your health plan every year in hopes of a break in costs.  You offer a variety of wellness programs to the employees that may include an annual health fair, health risk assessment, newsletter, posters, sponsored sports league, onsite lunch n' learns, incentives and a challenge or two.  Yet despite your efforts, health premiums continue to increase every year.  Even if you wanted to employ a wellness strategy chances are you don't have the time, resources or expertise to design, build or execute a solid plan.

We understand you have departments that included a high percentage of non-english speaking, non-technical, low-income workers that don't have email or computers. We understand it is difficult to communicate with this group and it is even more challenging to reach the spouses and dependents.


Prevo Health Solutions has the time, resources and expertise to design, build and help you execute a custom wellness strategy that meets the needs of your employee populations.

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your current employee wellness program and help you with defining your objectives, timelines, budgets and strategy.

We offer Ala-carte and turnkey wellness solutions that integrate the key behavior change drivers with actionable results. Each month we provide you with a monthly theme (Fruit Month), a monthly challenge (Log your Fruits), rewards program (reduced premium for meeting the minimum point threshold),  prescriptive daily to-do lists for participants and the online platform to manage the entire program.

The time to act is NOW!

Everything you do from this point forward will affect your health care costs tomorrow which is why we recommend you have a wellness strategy in place. And since 80 percent of your premiums are based on claims (which you do not have access to), your premiums are going to increase at an average of 1percent per month.

Your options are limited. You can stay fully-insured or consider a self-insured solution. But either way, your costs are determined primarily by employee claims.

Improve the health and well-being of your employees, empower the employee to make better decisions and the frequency and size of claims will decrease, thereby lowering your annual health care costs.

Call 888-321-1804 now for a free consultation or click here and a wellness specialist will contact you promptly.

Onsite Wellness Programs

We  play well with others.

Prevo Health Solutions is headquartered in Southern California but we offer onsite wellness solutions nationwide, and in many cases, the onsite services are free. We can work with your broker and health plan to augment your current programs.


Turnkey Wellness Program

Saving time and money without adding staff

A well-designed wellness program will change the health behaviors of members, employees, spouses, and dependents, lowers health risks, reduces chronic disease, reduces costs and helps private clubs create a culture of health.


Online Tools & HRA

You don't know what you don't know....

With the right tools in place, wellness programs can be very simple to execute. Prevo Health Solutions offers an online portal that is personalized and prescriptive with a dashboard that is intuitive and very user friendly. The portal includes:


Self Insurance

The Holy Grail of Health Care Reform

Fifty-seven percent of employers nationwide are self insured and yet only a handful of private clubs are self insured. How can this be when the financial benefits to the employee and employer are so compelling?


Programs, Incentives & Challenges

Incentives Work

Studies show when incentives are used, engagement and participation increases significantly.