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Wellness as a Strategy

Embracing Wellness as a Strategy

Clubs that embrace wellness as a strategy benefit from increased revenues through greater member usage, retention and recruitment. Likewise, clubs that incorporate wellness strategies in the workplace experience lower premiums, fewer workers comp claims, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and improved employee morale.

Healthy members--or those on a journey to be healthy--frequent the club often, continue to pay dues and refer friends. As the demographics change and members become more demanding, clubs need to stay relevant by providing the member with new, innovative and engaging wellness offerings and programs such as nutrition counseling, health coaching, physical therapists, massage therapists to name a few. Many of these services are covered as "preventative services" as part of Obamacare and can be billed directly to the members insurance provider or Medicare.

Private Clubs depend on dues and member usage for their revenue and the vast majority of members are seniors and baby boomers. The long-term success of the club depends on offering wellness solutions to keep the current members healthy by providing proper fitness equipment, healthy & nutritional options, inspiring amenities, relevant activities, unwavering support, continuous education and user-friendly and engaging online tools.

Leveraging your Facilities

Private clubs are unique from most 'employers' in that they have the infrastructure in place to help both staff and members become and stay healthy. All clubs have chefs capable of preparing healthy options and they have the facilities to host educational workshops, cooking classes and lunch n learns. Likewise, many clubs have certified fitness staff to design and offer group activities and personal training.

Unfortunately most clubs we speak to do not have a wellness strategy in place that leverages the entire facility as a way of increasing member usage and associated revenues.

Simple and Easy - Member Example: Create a "Walking Club" and invite all the ladies. Meet at the club to walk around the course followed by a healthy smoothie or recovery shake. Invite a local nutritionist to speak once a month, create a nutrition or pedometer challenge and make it fun. Donate a prize to the challenge winners. Have one of the department heads spearhead the Walking Club and create a social media site to connect the members. Revenues will increase, but more importantly the club will be more relevant to non-frequent users. Member retention will improve and social connections will be made among non-frequent users of the club.   

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement

Clubs can have all the fancy equipment, the best facilities and the most knowledgeable staff, but if you don’t offer the right combination of engagement tools, you may be disappointed with the results. 

Prevo Health Solutions has spoken to or met with hundreds of club managers, chefs, food & beverage managers, human resources managers, fitness directors and other club personnel and have concluded that most clubs could increase usage and revenues if the department heads worked together better.

Member engagement requires a synergistic relationship between departments and involves incentives, rewards, challenges, education, activities, support and online tools.

Contact Prevo now to learn how our Turnkey Wellness Solution integrates all the tools, content and targeted communications to help engage the members or staff to become more active and eat better.