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Programs, Incentives & Challenges

Incentives Work

Studies show when incentives are used, engagement and participation increases significantly.

Determining which programs and challenges can be difficult to know unless you have an understanding of the populations you are trying to reach. Prior to selecting a program or challenge, we recommend you collect data from surveys, Health Risk Assessments or a vote. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time.

The objective is to change behavior, especially with those that need it the most. But often times, these folks are the most difficult to engage. Which is precisely the point in hosting a monthly challenge which involves teams and some good old fashion peer pressure.

If you don't have the time, resources or expertise to design, build or execute an activity or outcome based challenge or program and need help we are here for you. Prevo has the expertise (Behavioral Psychologist and Nutritionists) to design a custom program, we have wellness software resources that includes wellness programs and ready to use challenges and we have the time to work with you to execute the programs and challenges.

A partial list of the Challenges includes:

  • Fit-Break - 10 Minute Challenge
  • 10K-A-Day Walking Program
  • Smart Fuel Challenge
  • Fruits and Vegetables Challenge
  • Stress-Less Challenge
  • Move-More Challenge
  • Scavenger Hunt Challenge
  • Sugar-Free Challenge
  • Walking Pedometer Challenge
  • 90 Day Commit to Get Fit Program
  • Wellness Health Fair Template
  • Biggest Loser Challenge
  • Maintain No Gain Holiday challenge
  • Healthy Habits challenge
  • Employee Cafeteria Wellness Program
  • How to create a wellness task-force
  • Recipe Rehab Program 
  • Health Immersions

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