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Products & Services for Clubs

Wellness Services

Prevo Health Solutions is the only company that provides wellness solutions to private clubs for both members and employees and we are the executive producers of the AMERICA'S HEALTHIEST CLUBS wellness certification program. Our vast knowledge of what works to engage employees and members comes from hundreds of hours of onsite interviews and onsite assessments of general managers, clubhouse managers, chefs, fitness directors, human resources managers, marketing & communication directors and membership directors.

For Members

The fitness, chef and f&b departments are extremely influential when it comes to providing wellness programs to the members. To help you better understand the members' needs, we offer a Member Interest Survey that helps to identify the perfect mix of programming to increase member usage, participation and revenues. To learn more about your member usage i.e. Core, Lapsing and At-Risk Members, please contact us for a demonstration.

We offer a series of ready-to-use programs and challenges that can be implemented as is, or they can be branded and customized to meet your specific needs. Our proven wellness management software integrates nutrition with fitness and provides the Club with a single platform from which challenges and incentives are managed. 

Last but not least, we offer Member Health Fairs, Speakers and Health coaching services.

To schedule a demo or talk to a Wellness Specialist, call 888-321-1804 or click here.

For Employees

The Human Resources department is primarily responsible for employee benefits, wellness programs, training, and a host of other tasks. And with double-digit annual increases in health care premiums, the HR department is being pressured to implement programs to help lower the costs.

Unfortunately most HR Directors and Controllers don't have the time or the expertise to design, build or execute wellness programs. Those that do, are able to reduce annual premium renewals by leveraging the wellness programs when shopping rates.

The fact is, most clubs we see offer wellness programs, but they fall short when it comes to integrating the key wellness tools which include: health risk assessments, health fairs, incentives, challenges, activities, speakers, targeted communications, online dashboard and local resources. That's why we created  Turnkey Wellness Solution, where we provide the content, monthly themes, monthly challenges, weekly emails and flyers for a flat fee per employee per month.

Wellness Services we provide

  1.    Member & Employee Interest Surveys
  2.    Health Risk Assessments
  3.    Health Fairs & Speakers
  4.    Wellness Management Portal & Dashboard
  5.    Ready-to-Use Programs and Challenges
  6.    Turnkey Wellness Program
  7.    Wellness Support & Health Coaching
  8.    Self-Insurance and Stop Loss Captive

To schedule a demo or talk to a Wellness Specialist, call 888-321-1804 or click here.