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Health Reports

Health Report

The Health Report is the end result of an extensive discovery process which includes in person interviews with key department heads, a review of existing wellness programs and a thorough analysis of the clubs menus and facilities. The Health Report is a comprehensive snapshot of the overall health and wellness of your vlub. The content within the Health Report includes an assessment of the current wellness strategy by department, a quantitative benchmarking score, recommendations and best practices.

The Health Report issues a quantitative score for each of the five areas (fitness, nutrition, staff, members and facilities) and provides guidance and suggestions to improve the overall wellness of each department. Likewise, the Health Report helps further refine or define the club's vision, provides suggestions to align the team and most importantly, enables the club managers to turn the Vision in to reality through execution.

The Health Report is designed to help clubs reduce or control health care costs of the staff, meet the health-related needs of the membership and provide guidance when creating activities that leverage the amenities and facility. Club managers and board members use the Health Report as a benchmark amongst other private clubs.

In essence, the Health Report is a detailed document which identifies the club's current wellness strategy and makes recommendations to enhance the current strategy by offering best practices which have been proven to work from within and outside the club industry.

The Health Report is both personalized and prescriptive, meaning it offers suggestions to help lower health care costs, improve productivity, increase revenues and member participation and ways to improve recruitment efforts for both members and staff.  The Health Report is delivered to the club within 30 days of an onsite visit and review of club created content; e.g., menus, membership marketing material, activities, fitness calendars and benefits package. The Health Report includes a numeric score from 1 to 1,000 across five categories: fitness, nutrition, staff, members and facilities.

The Health Report offers club management with a third-party validation and helps to support budgetary requests to improve the clubs wellness strategy.

Studies show for every dollar invested in wellness, employers experience a return of three to six times their investment.